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The commitment of our experienced staff provides our customers with project planning assistance, specific application requirements, and can recommend the best solution for a project. We have evolved as a company with a perfect combination of experience and skilled technical professionals in Hardware and Software design for embedded systems. Combining the creativity, experience and technical skills, we have comprehensive system capabilities and a proven reputation of designing, developing and integrating solutions. These are based on various business verticals from data process/acquisition, consumer electronics, transportation, automotive and education.

Faculty @ TeamBits

TeamBits Trainers are outstanding technologists working in the industry with established reputation and who continuously make significant contribution to knowledge.

As developers, we understand the difference between being taught something and actually learning it. Experience makes all the difference. Our training courses provide hands-on exercises that help programmers get the material under their skin.

Further, our trainers are not just merely trainers that are capable of telling any story – they are developers themselves who come directly from a real-world commercial development project and go back to that project immediately after the class. Plenty of Embedded Development “war stories”, time-saving tips and tricks included.

Course Overview

Embedded systems are evolving at a greater pace than ever; these devices are no more just systems with just 8/16 bit microcontrollers providing limited functionalities. They have now become versatile and are replaced with 32/64 bit Microprocessors running up to 1 GHz providing multiple functionalities in more cost effective environment. This technology advance has resulted in a sudden surge in demand for developers who can port O.S on to these processors and to program these devices. The demand is higher than the availability.